Jun 29, 2008

Double Armbar from Scarf Hold (Kesa Gatame)

Here's something that I haven't done before- Double Armbar from the Modified Scarf Hold:


-Modified Scarf Hold

-Push near arm over to opposite side, while switching your base, turning into him

-Drop your weight over his chest, directly on top of the trapped arm, preventing him from getting that arm back down to the mat

-While holding on to his far shoulder, bring the foot away from his head past his near shoulder, and drive the shin under his sides

-Let go of the far shoulder, gable grip, and hug tight

-Get the near-head leg, and step it over the head of your opponent

-Sit back, and on your rear end

-Bring the leg over the head closer, and bring the knee of the leg in the side of your opponent up

-Squeeze the far arm elbow for the tap

*If He escapes*

-Take the near arm and go for the regular armbar

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