Jun 15, 2008

DREAM 4 Shinya Aoki vs. Katsuhiko Nagata

Shinya "Magic Pants" Aoki wins again- by GOGOPLATA in Mount. Not an Omoplata.

This fight further cements Aoki's general grappling badassery as well as the Gogo's reputation of being a completely unnecessary way to completely humiliate your opponent.

DREAM 4: Shinya Aoki vs. Katsuhiko Nagata


It's a quick fight, so just a few notes:

-Wait, how does a wrestler (Nagata) get taken down so easily? It wasn't even like Aoki used an unfamiliar Judo throw to do so- it was just straight up wrestling. After I saw the first takedown, I tossed any hope for Nagata to win the match.

-Good escape to the feet by Nagata from the first takedown attempt. That was almost picture-perfect, actually. But...

-Why does the Greco-Roman wrestler give up the double underhooks so easily in the clinch? WORK YOUR STRENGTHS, MAN.

-Stupid-simple takedown from Aoki again- the man is just such a solid grappler.

-Once that mount gets established, it's the beginning of the end for Nagata- but since Aoki isn't exactly known for his Ground and Pound, we're forced to sit through Nagata's belly-hugging until...


Okay, okay. I'll stop now.

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