Jun 12, 2008

Gracie Jiu Jitsu Instructional Video - Advanced Vol 1: Defense Against Attacks From the Mount

While I don't really encourage learning BJJ/GJJ from the comfort of your own computer, that doesn't prevent people from going out on the mats with their friends with the aid of videos and books to attempt to learn it themselves. With that being said, the Mount is a terrible position for even experienced Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners, let alone people who don't officially train, so that always tends to be the self-learned BJJ practitioners' weakest spot.

Hopefully this is one of those videos that will help everybody.


Since this is another really long video (~50 minutes) I will only briefly go over what the video does, especially since Rorion does a great job of explaining the techniques anyway. My only complaint is that most moves are Gi-Dependent, but I will be marking them as (Gi) is that is the case.

So, watch the video, and here are my short notes as kind of a TOC.

1) Defense Against the Americana from Mount
-Roll towards attacked side
-Keep attacked arm's elbow stuck to the mat

2) Defense Against the Armbar from Mount
-Keep your arms tucked in
*If he does get to an armbar position*
-Hold your opposite collar (No-Gi: Gable Grip)
-Turn your head, Push Knee (Head Side) off (No-Gi: Search "Miletich Armbar Escape" on my blog)
-Bridge yourself over that leg
-Scoot and Roll for Guard Top.

3) (Gi) Defense Against Cross Collar Choke
-As Opponent tries to secure second collar, bridge and roll.
-Posture up to prevent Choke from getting finished in Guard

4) (Gi) Defense Against Kneading Collar Choke
-Opponent tries for Kneading Choke (Cross/Pull Choke)
-Double up your hands, lean into it, and break the grip.

5) (Gi) Defense Against Ezekiel Choke (Collar Guillotine)
-Opponent grips collar in the back to attempt Ezekiel
-Grab hand, and the arm on the attacking arm's side should come up and around, grabbing the far shoulder, preventing the choke.
-Bridge and Roll
*Opponent tries for Cross Collar in Guard*
-Stack and Cross Collar him yourself, as you have more leverage.

6) (Gi) Defense Against Collar Choke from Back (Double Attack Mount)
-Opponent Rolls you over for Collar Choke
-Tuck your head in, block space with far hand to prevent choke
-Stick that arm as close to your body as possible to prevent the armbar transition
-Escape by using the hand on the ground to push posted leg out by the ankles, and scoot your leg out for the shrimp and roll to guard.

7) Opponent Tries to Take the Back (continued from 6)
-Opponent decides to take the back instead
-As he roll you over, step back with him
-Scoot your hips over his leg (that hasn't been hooked yet) to escape

8) Defense against Knuckle Choke (Nutcracker)
-Opponent tries to choke you by putting his fists over your carotid arteries
-Overhook, bridge and roll.

From there, that's the end of the Mount Section, and thus begins the Rear Mount Section. Unfortunately, I'm going to stop the notes here, and leave you to your own devices to learn the back escapes for now.

Watch the video!


Andrew Gladstone "Metal and MMA Junkie" said...

Thank you for posting this. These are very helpful bjj tips. It might be a bit hard for the beginners to grasp these concepts but it would benefit them considerably.

Punch Kick Choke said...

Of course, but the beginners are the ones that need this the most- Granted, due to personal preference, I would have preferred a No-Gi version of the video, but it's still an excellent video.