Jun 5, 2008

Karo Parisyan on the No-Gi Uchi Mata for MMA - Judo

I'm pretty sure I posted a link to this technique before a long time back, but without explanation- so here it is, the Uchi-Mata for MMA and No-Gi, by everyone's favorite Judo MMA fighter, Karo Parisyan.


This throw setup is a counter to your opponent trying to drop you with an outside leg trip from the clinch- little do most US fighters know, that's a perfect setup to get raped via Uchi Mata.

-He clinches you up, and wraps your leg from the outside to trip you for the takedown. Grab him either behind the head and under the armpit, or with an overhook on the head side of the opponent.

-Here, you have about a second to react before you end up on your back in half guard.

-With his body tight around you, your arm in a good spot, and your leg between his, now it's time to make him pay for trying to take you down.

-Keeping the grip tight, you bring that outside leg inside to let you stay upright when you disrupt the center of gravity between you two with the throw, and while twisting away from his head, kick up into his upper thigh with the back of your inside leg, creating that "lift and twist" movement used by many efficient takedowns.

-Keep him controlled with that arm, and now, you are in side control.

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