Jun 1, 2008

Kimbo Slice vs. James Thompson Elite XC



I'm not going to go out there and say that I dislike Kimbo. Kimbo Slice has all the potential to become a legit MMA fighter, and despite that his career will most likely be short (he is 34 at this time) he will probably be a strong force during that time. His hands are as powerful as the hype says, and he is getting better.


That was not the "defining fight" that we were looking for. Not only did this fight not answer any of the big questions regarding Kimbo, it just added fuel to the fire of all the skepticism regarding his ability to fight in MMA. And the worst part? The ref made the fight look fixed in a less-than-subtle way, which severely detracts from the already bitter-sweet win for Slice.

Before I rip Kimbo a new one, let's go over his opponent- James "the Colossus" Thompson, a 16-8 fighter who seems to be more of a Hooligan than a fighter, with cauliflower ear that could be easily mistaken as a golfball embedded in his skull.

His only real skill? Having a tough chin.

Let's think about this. This is a 16-8 fighter (aka experienced, not good) who got reversed easily in his initial crucifix mount attempt by a guy whose grappling abilities are basically limited to bad wrestling and guillotines. That's a bit pathetic.

And instead of attaining full mount and pounding away at Kimbo, Thompson felt that it would be better to pin down Kimbo's arm and play Patticake with his elbow and Kimbo's forehead. Mistake. ANY OTHER FIGHTER, they would have stopped the fight once a crucifix had been established, and shots, even small, were landing on the head unanswered. But no, of course they wouldn't stop the fight like that for Kimbo. So bad choice, old boy.

Let's go back to Slice. Actually, nevermind. Let's just go straight to the problem- EliteXC and the ref. I wanted this fight to give some definite answers regarding Kimbo's ability, and to make sure that EliteXC wasn't just babying their new Cash Cow, like UFC attempted (and now, reattempting) to do with Brock Lesnar. What happened?

-Standing up the fight for absolutely no reason with Thompson in side control.

-Not ending the fight regardless of the fact that Kimbo's arms were pinned down, and he was unable to defend himself properly.

-Stopping the fight far too early when Kimbo popped Thompson's ear right open, and popped him with a good few shots.

To finish this post, I'll just touch on the last bit, because that's the most controversial.

I'm not going to lie. I'm pretty sure that Kimbo would have finished the fight regardless then. However, that was awfully dumb in the way they stopped it, especially considering that Thompson not only seemed okay to continue, but he had recovered and taken Slice down in the same situation earlier in the fight. Given those two things, and especially considering that the ref should have known the flak that would have come in for not stopping the fight when Kimbo was pinned, he should have let the fight play out until a more clear victory would be seen.

So, once again, no hate for Kimbo (I'm not even going to bother talking about how godawful his jiu jitsu is), but wow that fight was not the answer Kimbo haters and lovers were looking for.


Anonymous said...

sorry i had to turn it off after watching kimbo reverse that guy who had side control. srsly how can you be that bad. rofl

chih lin said...

Haha, Frank Shamrock yelling "shrimp Kimbo, just shrimp out of there". Kimbo's ground game was definitely exposed by James Thompson and that's a scary thought.

Matthew said...

Nice post, I was mulling over a lot of the same concerns as you expressed here.

I was also a little distraught by the fireworks, cheerleaders, and pomp involved. That's not really the right direction to be taking MMA in my opinion.

Matt (Ikigai)

Punch Kick Choke said...

Yeah, but it sells, so I'm kind of torn on the whole pomp thing. But I agree it's a bit tacky. :/

As for Kimbo, I was wondering who thought he tapped while in that guillotine?

I'm not sure, because I was trying to figure out whether he was tapping or giving a thumbs up myself.

C'est la vie.