Jun 4, 2008

Marcelo Garcia - Shoulder Lock transition from Half Guard

Another instructional video by one of my favorite grapplers ever, Marcelo Garcia.

Today, he shows us how to do two things:
Prevent the replacing of the full guard.
Getting a shoulder lock while your foot is still trapped in the opponent's half guard.


I guess I'll have to do a loose explanation with this one:

-Attain head and arm control (underhook the far arm)

-Feed your leg through, in a vanilla half-guard pass, trying to attain mount

*note* - if you get mount, just play your mount game

-You get your knee out and on the ground, but your opponent manages to trap your foot

-Post on your near foot, then post your back hand to post on his chest to throw that posted foot over the head.

-Fall back as if to go for the armbar

-Grab the knee and squeeze for the shoulder lock, while maintaining control of the arm.

-If your opponent freaks out and lets go of your foot with his legs, scramble and finish the armbar.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I have yet to have the speed to make this move work properly.. Back to mat time, eh? :)