Jun 7, 2008

Matt Hughes vs. Thiago Alves UFC 85 video + commentary

Round 1

Excellent sprawl by Alves to start the round

Then another sprawl by Alves, which ends up with Hughes driving Alves into the cage... and Hughes pulls guard... What? *confused*

What looks like a armbar/triangle attempts by Hughes gets stopped by Alves posturing up and dropping punches.

Alves gets it back standing.

Hughes eats a knee to the stomach, but gets Alves on his back for the half guard

Thiago does a great job of stalling Hughes out on the ground in both half and butterfly guard, effectively taking away Hughes's main weapon of Ground and Pound.

Well done by Alves to pull his leg out and stand up when Hughes tries to attempt a pass, then a nice prevention of getting twisted and dropped from the single.

Another failed takedown attempt, and another guard pull by Hughes, which ends the round with eating punches.

Round 2

Hughes really underestimated Alves's ability to stuff shots, with opening the round with the failed takedown to guard again, which means more punches to the face for Hughes, and another failed triangle attempt.

Alves puts on a top game jiu jitsu clinic by preventing Hughes from controlling him in guard, and does the right thing by backing out when Hughes tries to reverse on him, which of course leads to setting up...

That vicious flying knee was just painful to watch. Matt Hughes eats a Brazilian Knee sandwich to lose another fight by getting dominated in every aspect of the fight. Ouch.

I know we got the Serra/Hughes fight coming up, but Hughes needs to stop fighting. When your strengths aren't better than your opponent's anymore and you refuse to change your gameplan because you can't do it any way else, it's either time to rethink your strategy, or throw in the towel. Seriously.

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