Jun 14, 2008

Old School Half Guard Sweep counter to Armbar - Marcelo Garcia

Another post on countering a signature Eddie Bravo move- Old School, or any other half guard sweep that involves a low post and grabbing the foot.

-Opponent has a low and tight half-guard, and is now grabbing at your foot, for the old school sweep and turning into you.

-You hop up off that free foot and swing back-first into your opponent to prevent the sweep.

-Pinch the close upper arm of your opponent with your knees, and sit back

-Throw your free leg over the trapped one.

-Get the Armbar... if he keeps half guard, keep your legs crossed, if he lets go, do a little scoot and get into a regular Armbar.

Tah-da. Now, instead of getting swept every time by your friend who has read a copy of "Mastering the Rubber Guard," you can now try to make him pay for it.

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