Jun 24, 2008

Rolling Guillotine Counter to Double Leg

Hey guys, I'm back from St. Louis, where I couldn't find a usable wireless connection.
*Party Noises*
That being said, straight back to posting:

Today, here is a simple technique that requires a lot of drilling to get down just right: The Rolling Guillotine.


This is one of those moves that is very handy against anyone who has better wrestling than you, or in my case, everyone who knows how to double leg.

-Opponent shoots in, and you manage to slip in an underhook with the head trapped inside at the last moment.

-You're already falling back, and pulling guard seems risky.

-Grab at your shorts/gi, and jump under him, getting your hips under his.

-Get the butterfly hooks in, (Basically an Elevator Sweep) and using the momentum from falling back to roll him over you by kicking your legs up, with you landing in mount, and hopefully with a tight one-handed guillotine.

-Post your opposite hand out for stability, and lean into him for the tap. Otherwise, play a normal Mount game.

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Anonymous said...

i have been doing this tech. since about 1995. very very effective, and if the guillotine choke fails, just keep one hand under the chin, post with the other hand and press forward for a nice neck crank.