Jun 7, 2008

Scarf Hold/Kesa Gatame Escapes

A couple days ago, I posted the shoulder lock technique from the Kesa Gatame, and I realized that I never posted any escapes to the Scarf Hold pin before... So here:


Escape 1:
Opponent isn't keeping his head tight in

-Crossface with outside arm, and reach over with trapped arm to create the frame.

-Push out while jackknifing to bring your leg over his face to roll him over.

-Roll your legs out toward his head to get into side control.

Escape 2:
Catch and bridge

-Scoot your legs and hips into your opponent.

-You manage to get your leg/hip under him, effectively bringing the COG of you and your opponent towards you and higher.

-Bridge and roll him over for side control.

Escape 3:
Chase and switch

-You try escape #2, but your opponent manages to stay away, effectively pinning you down.

-Continue to chase him, and hold him down extra tightly, and ride up on the balls of your feet, loading your opponent up.

-Suddenly, drop, bridge, and switch for the roll over.

So now, you and your training partners can have a drill- One of you goes for the shoulder lock while the other one tries to roll out.

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Good post with some good escapes. This is the first time ive seen your blog. Its very good. Email if you would like to exchange links. My address is on my site.