Jun 6, 2008

Top 10 Signs That You've Grappled Too Much

If you think the girl on the right is getting intimate with the other girl's fist, #youdontroll
Apparently, according to some folks, I don't officially have a blog unless I have a "Top 10" list or two. Or three. Or seventy-five.

Punch Kick Choke's Top 10 Signs That You've Grappled Too Much

10) You know who Mitsuyo Maeda is.

9)  You get upset at people who think "Kimura" is a traditional Japanese women's dress.

8)  You have been involved in a "Gi vs. No-Gi" argument at some point.

7)  Your animal impressions suck, as they always involve a turtle and you on all fours not moving, or a spider on its back while shoving your feet in your friend's faces.

6)  In bed, you refer to missionary as "Guard."

5)  When someone says "Triangle," you think "Choke" and/or your testicles in someone's face.

4)  You correct people on the internet who spell out BJJ as "Brazilian Jujitsu."

3)  Every time you give somebody a hug, you make sure you have the double underhooks.

2)  You know that "SAMBO" isn't a Latin dance.

1)  You "Say Gracie" before every meal.

...Meh. I'd say these were mildly amusing at best. Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

I've heard that "Say Gracie" one before, but #9, 7, 4, and 3 made me LOL.

Nicely done, sir.

Anonymous said...

LOL at 3, so true

Anonymous said...

Our Helio who art in Brazil, hallowed be thy name....


Anonymous said...


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