Jun 25, 2008

TUF 7 Finale: Amir Sadollah VS C.B Dalloway on ULTIMATE FIGHT NIGHT

After being away from Television and Internet for a week, I finally got the chance to watch the TUF finale yesterday, and I must say, I like Amir Sadollah. He's like a smaller version of Forrest Griffin but with a really good Ground game.

And with that...
Amir Sadollah VS C.B Dalloway TUF 7 Finale


-Good leg kicks by Dalloway and teep kicks by Sadollah to start the round.

-Impressive Double Leg by Dalloway at the 4:12 mark. Very impressive timing.

-I love how Sadollah finds that space for the guard replacement almost immediately. So many people in MMA lack that basic skill, it's refreshing to see good examples of it.

-Sodallah begins breaking the posture of C.B almost immediately, and although he fails to get that triangle I assume he was working for and loses guard, he does an excellent job of prevent any major damage by GnP... and another clean guard replacement soon follows.

-Very good guard pass by C.B, showcasing those wrestling skills of his. Notice the control of Sodallah's legs near the hips, and the quick slide-though of the right knee as he does so.

-And another example of Amir's ground game- escaping side control to the knees, preventing the underhooks, and escaping back to guard.

-Good initial Ground and Pound by Dalloway at the 2:17 mark...

-But gets trapped in that beautiful Triangle to Armbar transition by Amir. And yes, Dalloway did tap.

Excellent performance by both fighters, but Amir is definitely one of the toughest TUF (haha, pun, get it? -_-) fighters ever imho, with a ground game to boot.

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Anonymous said...

Happy to see you're back-
I'm a little ashamed to admit that I kind of missed the daily posting, even if it was only for a week. :p