Jun 2, 2008

Video: Urijah Faber vs. Jens Pulver, WEC Featherweight Championship

This was possibly the single greatest 5 round fight I have ever seen.

Instead of a blow-by-blow, it's going to be my notes:
By the way, take notes on this fight. Watching this is better than any MMA seminar I've seen.

-The hairstyles. Faber with cornrows is a little terrifying to look at.

First round:

-Hard hitting round, but with no takedowns other than Pulver's attempt to take advantage of Faber's slip, which is honestly surprising.

-And when Pulver did come crashing down on Faber, it showed a few things-
Pulver was not afraid. Most people would hesitate at that point, but Jens just dove right in.
Excellent butterfly guard control by Urijah- despite the fact that he wasn't trying to set up anything, his overhooks and proper use of the butterfly hooks resulted in strong control on his back.

-Both Pulver and Faber shows excellent striking and clinch skills, but either Faber had boxing skills I did not know about, or he's just never bothered to use them, because that right hand is just plain scary.

-I am just in awe of both of these guy's clinch game. Just watch to see.

Second round:

-Hard kick to Pulver's Package to start the round. Ouch.

-All people having trouble with takedowns from the clinch- look at how Faber dropped levels instantly while driving in. That's how you do it.

-As expected, great cage control and movement on guard top by Faber.

-Like Faber did with his butterfly guard in the first, Pulver did a great job neutralizing Faber's explosive movements by controlling the hips with the half-butterfly.

-Getting back to the feet by Jens shortly thereafter was beautiful.

-At the 9 min mark, Pulver gets ROCKED. I'm honestly surprised Faber didn't stop the fight there. (Though he probably should have gotten deducted for the blows to the back of the head.) Good showing by Pulver. If he hadn't held on to the leg, he'd be toast.

-...Then another big flurry by Faber. See what I meant by "single greatest 5 round fight"?

-Good timing on that sloppy single leg for Faber. If he was off by a second, he would have gotten stuffed on that shot... and yet, Pulver gets the better position. Almost on that D'arce choke. Oooh.

-AHH! Who the heck worked with Faber on his striking? I want to train with that guy.

Third round:

-Great sprawl by Pulver... THENHOLYCRAP Faber takes the back, and Slams! ..And Pulver's back on his feet?! Too much excitement. Seriously.

-Another striking clinic put on by these guys in the third. Just watch it,

-Great use of hips by Pulver on that takedown attempt, then awesome reversal by Faber from half guard bottom.

Fourth round:

-Another good use of those hips by Pulver by switching up on Faber to drive him into the cage and land a few blows.

-Just go ahead and let Faber and Pulver fight for the WBC belt as well. Jesus.

-Good tie ups by Pulver in guard to attempt to get the fight back on the feet at the end of the round, but great shots by Faber as well.

Fifth round:

-Isn't that sweet? A nice hug to start the round.

-I can't believe the pace for this entire fight, they're fighting in the fifth like it's only the second round or something. I think this definitely cements the lightweight class as something to watch for in the future.

-Once again, watch the short but sweet moves in the clinch. You can really learn a lot.

-Because Pulver needs a KO to win the fight, and exceptional showing by both fighters in the last 45 seconds.


Regardless of the fact that Faber won by Unanimous decision, this fight just shows that Pulver is definitely a force to be reckoned with, and that the "California Kid" is the real deal.

If you've read this without watching the fight, DO IT. NOW.
I could go on and on about how great this fight was, so I'll just stop it short here.

...That being said, I really hope Faber doesn't do that cornrow thing again. EVER.


Anonymous said...

yah the fight was really exciting. I was on the edge of my seat in the 5th round hopin for a KO from pulver.

Anonymous said...

I was too, knowing the KO potential of Pulver's left is very evident. Seeing it stunning Faber shortly after landing a couple. I was waiting for a perfect cross or hook right to the button. It did not happen, but Faber definatly deserved the win. Both fighters gave a fantastic perfermance and they definatly deserve the recognition. It was sweet to see such great fighters with such a great respect for each other fight, truly bueatiful.

mma said...

Faber is just plain dangerous, always a great fight, I always appreciate good sportsmen.

Punch Kick Choke said...

Yeah, I was expecting Pulver to at least control the stand-up, but Faber really pleasantly surprised me with his crisp punching.

But I definitely have to give it up to Pulver for both lasting all five rounds after taking such a beating, as well as putting on a clinch game seminar with Faber.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping this fight gets pulver to really just go crazy with training so he can be at his best all the time. Watching the fight what I saw was so much fng experience that kept pulver up afloat endurance wise.

Jackie said...

Okay! That's a great fight I have seen. Faber is ferocious or violent.