Jul 17, 2008

5 Favorite Submissions of Jean Jacques Machado

Here is a great little video:
Jean Jacques Machado's Favorite Finishing Moves


What he goes over:

1) Kneebar from Open Guard Standing
-Basically, he feigns a guard pass, and uses his opponent's reaction as an opening for the kneebar. (IMHO: this works especially well no-Gi.)

2) Inverted Armbar off Failed Armbar from Guard
-One of my personal favorites in terms of combination (regardless of the fact that I can't hit it to save my life -_-), an inverted armbar off of an escaped normal armbar from guard

3) Omoplata off Failed Sweep from Guard
-This one is Gi-dependent, as he goes for a sweep by rolling into the arm, he switches directions mid-roll, as soon as he find resistance, and rolls into an omoplata. Very slick.

4) Triangle from Feigned Armbar
-From mount against an opponent who is tenaciously defending his arms, he baits him with a armbar attempt (but dragging the far arm across) with a wide open space to escape- in the following scramble to the knees, as soon as the opponent rolls up, he is caught in a triangle. In my experience, this is only really effective against people who are somewhat experienced in grappling.

5) Armlock from Guard
-Effective when combined with a little bit of speed, this move attacks an opponent in your guard who is stalling out with a good hold around your neck. Create some space, shift your body to the side, and press down on the elbow while straightening your back for the armlock.

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