Jul 31, 2008

Ankle Lock Setups

Today, a couple of uncommon ways to set up the ankle lock-

In my personal opinion, the first two are the strongest techniques, and probably the only ones I would really recommend to you as regular transitions. The last two are a little too unreliable to be a part of your regular repertoire, but if you want something to catch people off guard in during MMA, his half-guard setup might work for you, especially since your opponent will often try to grab at your head once you attain a half-guard beatdown position to prevent punches. His ankle pick to ankle lock transition is probably something best used as a drill to improve fluidity in movement, and possibly a last resort kind of move, although his basic ankle pick setup is solid.


No real need for me to describe what happens in each one, as he does a pretty good job, but in order-

1) Ankle lock feint to switch ankle lock recounter

2) Finishing the ankle lock from counter underhook sweep attempt/bait

3) Ankle lock from Half Guard Beatdown position (Half Guard pin)

4) Ankle pick wrestling takedown to ankle lock

As you can see, each of the finishes are based on tricking or surprising your opponent, so speed and timing is as important as technique on these.

The moves are shown slowly from different angles, and are pretty easy to follow- if you have any questions, feel free to comment below.



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