Jul 13, 2008

Armbar from Guard Counter-to-Recounter (No-Gi and Gi OK)

Today, the covered techniques are in succession, so read below:


Armbar from Guard Counter:

-Armbar attempt from guard

-Since you don't like having your arm broken, you post up tightly against the hips with the far side (the side of the attacked arm) leg. You've shifted your body weight into your opponent by leaning towards him.

-Use this position to Stack/Slam, Escape, or even just stall out.

Recounter to Armbar Counter:

-You attempt an armbar from guard.

-Opponent posts the far foot up in an effort to stifle your attempt.

-Keeping a good bite on his neck, and a control with the outside hand, your sneak your hand in front of his posted shin, knuckles towards it.

-Keep your head into him, and use that hand to pull and sweep him to finish the armbar.

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