Jul 15, 2008

Black Belt Magazine Contributor and Hall of Famer Jim Wagner Finally Gets Called Out on His BS

I have long held in my belief that Black Belt Magazine is by far one of the shittiest publications to have ever hit the bookstores. IMHO, Black Belt Magazine is to good martial arts writing as Cosmopolitan is to realistic and healthy relationship advice. Now, with a little bit of E-Drama, Mr. Jim Wagner, essentially the backbone of BBM's ever-growing RBSD section, has his reputation on the line as the POW Network and Hoch Hocheim has their sights set for the man with the BS "Counter-Terrorism Experience."

You can read all about it here, links, quotes, and everything else:


Don't get me wrong- I think he's actually a decent writer, and I don't think he's a complete retard like many other MA instructors I've met. However, it's one thing to have real experience as a Sky Marshal, but it's another thing altogether when you try to pass every boring flight you've ever been on as a "Counter-Terrorism mission." Misleading much, Mr. Wagner? I honestly hope that you and your bullcrap gets exposed for what it is, and I would love to see BBM do their best at damage control with this huge loss to their credibility.

So please, read the thread and check out the subject, as bullcrap in the martial arts has always been a touchy issue with me, and while you're at it, check out his "expert knife defense course"


I think everyone else agrees with me- note the parts where his counter to an assailant with a knife is to run backwards in reverse, and where what we assume to be an LEO is wrestling for a knife with a bad guy with absolutely NO regard for weapon retention. Genius. Here's to hoping he never gets to teach this crap again. *Cracks Open a Beer*

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