Jul 12, 2008

Chuck Liddell - Knees from the Thai Clinch

The Iceman, Chuck Liddell, shows us how to use the Thai Clinch to open up a hard shot with the knees. It's basic stuff, but extremely useful whether in MT, MMA, or just plain old self-defense once you get the subtle bits down.


-Thai Clinch - get the plum, and squeeze your forearms down and together

Now, let's think for a second-
If you knee straight up, it may be damaging, but it's not likely to be a finishing shot
If you load up first without any movement, it's likely that the shot will be blocked, or your opponent might escape from your clinch

-Quarter-step around with the leg you're going to knee with doing the step and in the back, while dragging him along with your arms. This does a few things:
*Opens your hips to get a harder shot
*Makes it more likely to land a head or body shot by off-balancing your opponent

-As soon as you feel that you can dig in with the ball of the foot you're stepping with, throw knees.

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good attempt