Jul 1, 2008

Can You Kill Someone With a Rear Naked Choke?

I found a read:


It essentially details all of the official police-reported deaths due to chokeholds that were similar in nature to Judo Shime-waza techniques in the 70's, namely, the Rear Naked Choke, or the Hadakajime-

Some of the more fascinating highlights of the of the read:

"ABSTRACT: Shime-waza or the "choke hold," when property applied, should not cause death; therefore, its primary purpose should be to subdue violent suspects. When properly applied, the choke hold causes unconsciousness in 10-20 seconds. No fatalities as a result of shime-waza have been reported in the sport of judo since its inception in 1882. Among the methods of "control holds" taught to law enforcement officers is the choke hold similar or identical to shime-waza used in judo. Using the choke hold, officers may afford themselves maximum safety while subjecting the suspect to a minimum possibility of injury."

"Investigations have shown that no deaths had occurred by these techniques since the sport of judo was founded by Professor Jigoro Kano in 1882 in Tokyo, Japan. A survey made by this author in 1979, based on a questionnaire to all International Judo Federation (IJF) country members, revealed that although there were 19 judo fatalities, none was due to shime-waza.

The statistics in the use of shime-waza have been kept by the International Judo Federation on World Class Judo Championships, Olympics (Munich-1972, Montreal-1976, Moscow-1980, and Los Angeles-1984), World Judo Championships (Mexico City-1969, Ludwigshafen-1971, Lausanne-1973, Vienna-1975, Paris-1979, and Maastricht- 1981), and the Junior World Judo Championships in Rio de Janiero-1974. Of the 2198 techniques used to score, 97 were shime-waza (4.41%). No fatalities were recorded."

"The 14 fatalities presented were allegedly caused by "choke holds", 13 by law enforcement officers, 1 by a student learning Vo et Vat, a Vietnamese version of judo. In the sport of judo, which started in 1882, no fatalities have been reported. Judoists are taught to apply shime-waza using the principle "maximum efficiency with minimum effort." The maximum pressure is applied directly on the "carotid triangle" without applying the pressure on other parts of e neck, causing unnecessary damage. In all 14 cases, this author has noted evidence of injuries to the structures of the neck from bruises, ecchymosis, hemorrhages to fractures of the cartilage of the neck (Cases 1, 5, 10, 13, and 14), and intervertebral discs (Case 7). Submucosal or mucosal injuries are noted in the larynx in Cases 1, 2, 6, 11, and 13, All these findings indicate that tremendous force was exerted on the necks of the suspects."

"If the carotid artery hold is properly applied, unconsciousness occurs in approximately 10 seconds (8-14 seconds). After release, the subject regains consciousness spontaneously in 10-20 seconds. Neck pressure of 250 mm of Hg or 5 kg of rope tension is required to occlude carotid arteries. The amount of pressure to collapse the airway is six times greater."


As long as the person applying it knows what he is doing, unintentional death by an applied choke is highly unlikely. Unfortunately, not everyone who applied chokeholds knows what he or she is doing... which leads me to the important excerpt from the read:

"The number of fatalities resulting from the use of choke holds will decrease if the following procedures are followed:

  1. Choke holds to be taught by trained and certified instructors:
    • to be familiar with the anatomical structures of the neck and where the pressure is to be applied (carotid triangle)
    • to know the physiology of choking, that only a small amount of pressure is needed to cause unconsciousness
    • to recognize immediately the state of unconsciousness and to release the pressure immediately.
    • to learn proper resuscitation methods if unconsciousness is prolonged
    • to prevent aspiration of vomitus and not to place the restrained suspect face down. Keep the suspect under constant observation.

  2. To revise the police training manuals to emphasize the above procedures. These are the procedures and principles taught by judo instructors which have prevented deaths caused by shime-waza in the sport of judo for over 100 years."

That means, if you're using a choke to finish a fight, MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING. Using straight up force will inevitably lead to unintended consequences.

So, please do yourself a favor and read that little piece of writing- plus, you can send it to your friends who think grappling can't finish a fight and make yourself look like a badass.

Just kidding. Don't do that.

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Anonymous said...

Chokes are very dangerous technqiues more so to those who have no experience applying them. Its is very easy to cause damadge to the throat without even knowing. Everyone should read this article carfully!