Jul 28, 2008

Drop Seoi Nage (One Arm ShoulderThrow) for MMA/No-Gi, Karo Parisyan

Another move where the subtle things make all the difference, the Seoi Nage is one of my favorite moves. I know I've covered this move before, but I didn't do so in a technical way (more in terms of timing), so to supplement it, here is Karo Parisyan presenting the Seoi Nage:


-You and your opponent are locked up in an even Greco clinch

You need to pull your trapped underhook arm out for the throw, so you either:
-Twist in, and yank out
or, if the opponent is strong,
-Twist in, yank up to the elbow, frame out with the arm to create space, then pull out

In one continuous motion, you're going to
1) Step in with the foot near the arm you're going to attack

2) Circle the now-free arm across underneath the armpit of the targeted arm, and pop it up to disrupt your opponent's balance slightly

3) Half-circle your rear foot to turn your back into your opponent

4) To trap your opponent's arm completely so that he can't RNC you in the process, you need to continue to near-side trap his arm by grabbing his tricep just above the elbow, keep his hand under your armpit, and with the arm you brought across, you're going to secure it on the bicep, just across from the tricep grip.

5) In the middle of the half-circle, after you secure the hold on his arm, drop to your knees, starting to bring your opponent over you

6) As he comes over, hold and twist diagonally down to complete the throw

And there you are, a seriously complicated description to an extremely effective throw. The best part is, during a fight against someone who doesn't know that you know judo, they are not going to expect you to basically give your back to them, giving you even more time to set up the throw.

You get the grip and timing down properly, and you will never get countered with a RNC, which is often the argument against using the Seoi Nage in MMA or Submission Grappling competitions.


Anonymous said...

You know that during the year I did Judo Tai Otoshi and Osoto Gari were my favorites techniques but they NEVER worked for me, the Seoi Nague was the only throw that did it during Randori but I stopped because I never liked and when I moved to BJJ Some people said "This Throw is not good for exposing your back" but after see Karo I"m ready to try it again.

Punch Kick Choke said...

Yeah- the Tai Otoshi and Osoto Gari are among my favorites, but they never work against someone who's done judo before, unless you bait them into it- something that holds true for most judo throws, actually.

I might suggest you go with fully-committed drop seoi nages as Karo shows it over the traditional kind during BJJ- much less risk in getting insta-choked, in my experience. Also, keeping that trapped arm's hand trapped tight under your armpit does wonders.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I"m going to try it again, for some reason is the most Utilized technique in Judo Matches.

My english is not the best so I did not understand that about "bait them into it".

PD: And thank"s for the Demian Maia video, I was looking for it since a long time.

Punch Kick Choke said...

When I say bait, I mean that you have to force your opponent to do something other than be in a neutral/defensive position for those particular throws to work- otherwise, you'll get countered on a regular basis.

For instance, with the Osoto Gari, if I decided just to go straight into it, it wouldn't work unless I really caught the guy by surprise. If he was clinching up to me prior to the throw, he would have seen it a mile away.

As a basic bait/set up to the throw, I could pull my opponent in the opposite direction that I want to throw him, to which in turn, he pulls back, dropping his weight back onto his rear leg, and as soon as that happens, I reap it for the throw.

That's kind of what I meant by bait- singular throws/moves usually don't work at higher levels of anything- you have to set it up somehow.

Anonymous said...

OK I got it my old sensei said once that against very resisting oponents Seoi Nague and Uchimata were one of the only throws that would work. Both throws that Karo has used in MMA.

That concept that you say is used in Atemi Waza, maybe is easier to set up with punches.