Jul 9, 2008

Failed Omoplata to Bicep Cutter (No-Gi)

Today, I cover a simple but difficult combination- a failed omoplata to bicep cutter, meaning that you slap on that bicep slicer after your opponent rolls out of your unsecured (not grabbing his hips) omoplata.


-Omoplata attempt

-Opponent rolls out before you can secure the position

-As soon as he rolls, before he can get back up, grab your shin of the leg that was going for the omoplata

-Move other leg to the rear as a base to post up on

-Immediately lift your hips and lean forward, driving the bony part of your shin into his bicep, and trapping that arm with your body

This is a speed submission, meaning that if your timing is off or more likely, you're too slow to react to the roll, you probably won't be able to finish the sub, especially considering that you're not really securing that attacking arm before you go for it, meaning that you have to inflict a lot of pain in a short amount of time to get the tap.


Anonymous said...

Effective sub, but too pain-reliant for me. There is also a different bicep slicer from omoplata. You just triangle the legs, insert the wrist and pull. It's better because the opponent can't move. Could you guys of that second one? People will like it.

Anonymous said...

Could you guys make a video of that second one*