Jul 20, 2008

Fedor Emelianenko vs. Tim Sylvia - Affliction:Banned - Video + Recap

A Note to the Readers:
I did not say anything about Fedor being on Steroids for this particular fight. However, I do feel that it's not unlikely that he was when he was fighting in Japan.
I did not say anything about Fedor missing his training in exchange for heavy partying. Also, if he does drugs and abuses alcohol heavily, I honestly don't give a crap. I was just comparing him to athletes that do, and fall from the public's eye.
Please actually read my posts before attempting to build strawmen. ;)

...And yes, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Sylvia getting his ass handed to him on a silver platter.

EDIT - By the way, I reedited yesterday's post to include the Anderson Silva vs. James Irvin fight. http://punchkickchoke.blogspot.com/2008/07/prefight-analysis-anderson-silva-vs.html

I was trying to decide which major fight from yesterday I wanted to cover today, but since I gave Fedor a slight bashing yesterday, I figured it was only fair to cover his fight...

...all 40 seconds of it.

Let me see what happened:

Timmy throws a few lazy left lead hooks to feel out his opponent. Unfortunately, his stance combined with his already-clumsy nature brought the beat-down that was already coming regardless even more quickly.

Of course, Fedor starts swinging for the fences, and continues to do so after Timmy freezes up after the first shot lands. Of course, the man with the strongest arm punches ever drops Sylvia like a lead balloon, and continues to pummel him.

Poor Tim looks helpless on the ground, flat, rolling, then turtled.

Emelianenko mercy-subs the lovable oaf with a quick RNC. Actually, it wasn't even an RNC. It was more like a 10-finger guillotine from behind. Sylvia desperately needs to work on his ground game.

There. I hope you people enjoyed my little recap.


eric said...

what are you talking about in your last post? something about fedor partying and making bad decisions or something? i wasnt aware of anything like that, though i know fedor hasnt fought in a while. anyway, he still pwned sylvia hard. wow tim sylvia needs some more training on the ground for sure.

Punch Kick Choke said...

...Did you bother reading my reply to you yesterday?

I didn't say HE was the one partying - I said that his choices in the MMA world since PRIDE went defunct makes him a shell of what he used to be.

That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Tim getting destroyed. Did you catch his slight chance in appearance in my post?

Erik M said...

that guy up there is not the same Erik, my friend. I spell my name with a "k" and always sign in to post.

I agree, that was not a rear naked. Fedor had the choke on his wind pipe.

Punch Kick Choke said...

Ah- my mistake.

I was writing the post while watching the clip-

I originally assumed it was an RNC at first, then it looked a little off, so I rewatched it to find that it was a hand-clasp guillotine.

That was a little pathetic on Sylvia's part, but good job by Fedor in cranking that in as soon as he got it to force the quick tap.

Bart B said...

Yeah - good call about the ten-finger throat sqeeze/RNC. After watching this vid a few times, I'm surprised at how Tim Sylvia doesn't even TRY to pull guard, despite there being room for it. Instead, he rolls into the turtle position so Fedor can take his back.