Jul 26, 2008

Gi Tactic - Kotegaeshi Wristlock

Please read this post carefully- I do not necessarily condone wristlocks as reliable techniques. The video and this post do not match 100%, so please read what I wrote below:


This technique today is kind of special, because I don't recommend it being used the way it is in the Submissions101 video.

As some of you know, I generally hate wristlocks. They are hard to use outside of compliant training, and just generally unreliable. However, that does not mean that knowing how the wrist moves, and how it doesn't move isn't important, nor does it mean that I never use them to my advantage. Anyone who grapples or fights in the general, in order to succeed, must become physiologist and physicist (...and psychologist).

In this case, while the Kotegaeshi (The Wrist Turn) is a perfectly sound move overall in terms of body mechanics, I have yet to see it work all the way through to the takedown more than one time out of fifty that I see it being attempted in a non-compliant setting.
...BUT, we can still use it regardless. What is the Kotegaeshi prefect for? Setting up an attack when your opponent has grabbed your gi/shirt collar, and is setting up for a takedown/punch.

-Opponent grabs collar

-Slam near side arm into the grabbing arm just below the elbow while stepping off to the side, preventing a takedown/punch he may have been attempting to go for

-Trap the grabbing hand with the near arm, and apply the Kotegaeshi grip of choice (I prefer near hand in the meaty part of the hand around the thumb, other hand symmetric grip)

-Twist the hand into him, and he should be forced to let go

*Important Bit*

*If he's surprised/doesn't know what to do, attempt to finish the takedown as shown

*Most likely, he'll just pull his hand back then second you break his grip. Use that reaction to drive into him to tackle or throw him.

And there's that.

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