Jul 3, 2008

Half-Guard Transition to Back - Air Guitar finish - (Dogfight to DPO)

An excerpt from "The Dynamic Half-Guard" by Stephen Kesting, GrappleArts, shows us how to use the Air Guitar finish to a blocked attempt at taking the Back from Half-Guard, or if you've read Eddie Bravo's books, a variant on the Dogfight to DPO to Back transition.


-You try to take the back from the half-guard

-Opponent blocks with an overhook with that side's arm, leaving you in a stalling position, aka, the Dogfight

-Opponent has a Whizzer, and will try to toss you over with his weight behind it

-You counter with a Limp Arm, aka, the DPO (Dead Pussy Order), making him become overextended, and leaving your arm free of the Whizzer

-Air Guitar finish: You swing your arm out at that moment in a full circle, letting you take the back.

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