Jul 14, 2008

Karo Parisyan on Throws in MMA

Karo "The Heat" Parisyan in a seminar on throws in MMA-

Part 1


Part 2


Great points he makes in the videos:

Judo throws are actually safer in terms of getting countered to do than wrestling- case in point, sprawls, guillotines, and knees. So many people are reluctant to learn any kind of Judo because their wrestling is fairly good, but in reality, in competition, where people have gotten used to double legs and singles, you're much more likely to catch them off guard with a good Ouchi-gari or Kosoto-gake in the clinch.

Take full advantage of the ~2 seconds your opponent is dazed from a good slam or throw and just sub them early. This goes double for submission grappling/MMA because you're much more likely to finish a submission when they're still dry.

That Ouchi-gari variation he demonstrates (pushes opponent to side, sit and inside reap as they swing back, to leg lock opening) is just beautiful. Make note.

Look for the Uchi-mata counter to Kosoto-gake around the 6:30 mark in the first video. Very easy no-gi version of the Uchi mata, and it's basically spoon-fed to you.

The Hip Throw from Kimura grip in the second video is a great way to counter a good wrestler that's taken your back- if you know how to break that grip, that is. Remind me to do a post on that sometime.

His Gi Judo demonstration shows one thing- he may not be the best Judoka ever per say, but his transition of the techniques to No-Gi is just amazing.

Watch the video- very informative!


Anonymous said...

Good Post!! Definitly got to agree with you on this one. Ive used some of Karos videos for my own blog as I feel they are very useful for MMA.

There seems to some Judo bashing in MMA but the reality is if you have not experienced being thrown by a solid Judo technique it can take you completly off guard. Its best for fighters to learn two or three good simple throws which can easily be adapted for MMA.

Anonymous said...

I nearly got my leg torn off by a Sambo guy who used that ouchi-gari to heelhook combination.

Good post

Erik M said...

i heart judo

Punch Kick Choke said...

i heart judo as well.