Jul 10, 2008

Knee on Belly Counter - Kneebar (Robert Drysdale Nth Dimension Of Jiu-Jitsu)

Here's something from a DVD series I don't personally recommend to anyone:

Robert Drysdale - Nth Dimension Of Jiu-Jitsu
I dislike it mostly because he tries really hard to take a lot of stuff from Eddie Bravo without giving him credit for it, the production quality is mediocre, and that it's severely overpriced. And when I say "take a lot of stuff from Eddie Bravo," I mean that there's a Rubber Guard and Twister section without giving Eddie any credit, which just rubs me the wrong way. For a review of his DVD, check here.

But regardless, here is a move he shows as a last resort/surprise move to anyone who has a knee on belly mount on you: a Kneebar.


It would be kind of silly to assume that you would be able to pull this off without some serious speed, so don't come here and complain that you couldn't pull this off in sparring if you're slow as a turtle in molasses.

-Opponent has knee on belly mount

-You consider all of your options in a split second, and you feel like being a little risky

-Aim for the far leg, grab behind the knee (I also suggest pushing up on his hips or thighs as well with the other hand to prevent a blocked attempt) and pull yourself through his legs

-In the process, get your leg (that is now on the inside from the spin) and shoot that through his legs as well- reason why I suggest propping his hips up for a split second along with the hook behind his knee. Get control of the ankle on the leg that you are attacking under your armpit, preferably.

-Either cross your ankles or triangle your legs behind him while maintaining control of his ankle, drop him flat on the ground, and extend for the kneebar

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Anonymous said...

Very simple yet very effective!