Jul 16, 2008

Kneebar Re-counter to Armbar Stack

Still kind of new to grappling and get matched up against the guy who tries to brute force his way out of every armbar you put him in? Here's something you might want to watch for:


This move works great against people who get the concept of stacking their way out of armbars and triangles, but haven't quite got it down properly- or against people who try a desperation escape, and you know that you've lost your grip.


-In a rush, he stacks up to power out of the armbar to get his arm out, but posts up on the foot near you

-As he pulls out (note: as his body is trying to move up, making it hard for him to react during that time) you let go of the bite over his neck with your leg

-You grab his ankle and here's the important part-
*switch your hips to face the leg you're going to attack
*bring the knee of the leg that was biting under his arm inside of his upper thigh
*and loop the leg that was biting over the neck over the leg you're now attacking

-Extend for the Kneebar

This is very much a speed-dependent submission, so you have to react as soon as he does, or else you're probably looking at either a guard pass if you don't move, or a possible attempt at taking your back if you react too late.

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