Jul 18, 2008

Lateral Drop from Double Underhooks (Clinch) - Human Weapon

A little segment in the MMA episode from that show we all both love and hate, Human Weapon-

While Jason and Bill are training at Randy Couture's gym in Las Vegas, they are shown a stupid-simple takedown from the clinch that works on just about anyone who hasn't wrestled much in their lives- something that I can best describe as a lazy lateral drop.


-Pummel in for the double underhooks

-Get it, secure it, and Gable grip your hands

-Pop your arms up into his armpits and arch your back to raise his center of gravity above yours for just a second while stepping just a bit into him (Get your knee inside his thigh) to bring your center of gravity even further below his

-In that instant, explosively pull him up with those underhooks, twist, and and drop diagonally for the takedown and side control

Think of this takedown as Greco's version of a sacrifice throw, except less dangerous for the user.

So, if you haven't been practicing those pummeling drills, maybe this technique will give you reason to. :)


Anonymous said...

I love this move-

if he counters by basing out before you can throw him, you can switch up your hips and go for a commited osoto gari.

Punch Kick Choke said...

Actually, I've tried that, but I prefer basing out and stopping any possible counter if it fails, and just go for a simple drop and double leg instead.

I think that Osoto gari combination works reliably if you have a height advantage or such.

Anonymous said...

Osoto Gari works great with judocas with long legs, but doesn"t work for me I think the double leg is the most common takedown to follow.

Anonymous said...

judo pajama wearing fools say far away from real GRECO ROMAN wrestling or you will get hurt bad..

we need more greco, usa did not metal at all in the past olympics !