Jul 4, 2008

Marcelo Garcia - Bridge Escape from Side Mount (Head and Arm Control) to Back

My worst position is definitely under side mount- I have a hard time doing anything other than regaining half guard, and I'm not very good at that either. Thankfully, the grappling master that makes a frequent appearance on this blog, Marcelo Garcia, shows us how to escape from this less-than-ideal position.


This is not the easiest of moves to do, and requires a lot of practice, and some level of athleticism to perform.


-Opponent has Head and Arm control in Side Mount

-Bring forearm under chin to create space, and bring outside arm under to grasp hands palm to palm for a frame

-Push frame out agsint the neck, forcing opponent to loosen his grip

-Shoot inside arm under opponent's armpit instantly to get underhooks, grab the far shoulder with that arm

-Bring feet in, posting on toes for strong bridge

-Bridge up, while pushing out with the underhooks, making space to switch hips in and get on knees

-Let go of body and control the near leg

-After control is maintained (or scramble), take the back

As this is no-gi specific, all moves must be done explosively.

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