Jul 21, 2008

The Peruvian Necktie - (Choke/Crank)

I was going to go over this move regardless, but I got a request for the Peruvian Necktie, probably because CB Dollaway pulled this particular move off on Jesse Taylor on UFN to win Submission of the Night. CB may be ugly as heck, but the boy has skills, I'll give him that much.


The Peruvian Necktie is a combination of a choke and a crank, made famous by Tony DeSouza- it is generally pulled from the starting position of either a sprawl, or as CB did, controlling the side of a turtled opponent. Either way, the move is the same.

-Get head and arm control, almost as if you were going for an anaconda choke.

-After clasping your hands together (palm to palm or gable) stand up while maintaining the hold.

-Important bit-
-The side that you have the hold on the neck on, you're going to be falling away from that side, but you need your leg over his head. So, you make sure your leg on that side is on the outside of his non-trapped arm.

-Fall to the side at a slight diagonal angle away from the opponent (once again, fall toward the side with the trapped arm), make sure that outside leg is over his head, and get your inside leg over his back.

-As you pull, there will be an incredible amount of torque on your opponent's neck (so be careful) as well as a choke, so watch for the tap. Actually, because of how the choke is applied, and how it might be hard to tap when caught in the submission, I would suggest not practicing this choke with only two people- you should at least have one other person watching for any signs of trouble.


Anonymous said...

Thank"s for put this technique, I didn"t know it was so strong.

I"m from Chile (next to PerĂº) so of course I know Tony De Souza,he"s great.

Anonymous said...

Also called the "Sumo Choke", I think because of the sumo-like crouch you take during the setup

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