Jul 19, 2008

Prefight Analysis - Anderson Silva vs. James Irvin UFC 7/19/08 + Plus Video!

EDIT- Footage of Fight at the Bottom on this Post!

In one of my rarer moments on this blog, I will be making some pre-fight predictions on tonight's Silva vs. Irvin card- (Free on Spike tonight at 9, if you haven't heard already)


First off, I'd like to say that this proves that Dana White and Zuffa aren't idiots, and they have some pretty big balls. Why? Tonight is the big "Affliction:Banned" PPV (+free undercard at FSN). What better way to detract from an already underwhelming card than giving a pretty exciting show for free? Anderson Silva? Brandon Vera? Jesse Taylor vs. CB Dollaway? I'll be sitting at home tonight watching this fight, thank you very much. I'll maybe glimpse at the Affliction undercard during commercials or something. XD

Plus, before I go on about Silva vs. Irvin, I'd like to say right now, at the great risk of whatever popularity that I may have, that watching Fedor fight right now is on the same level as being a former fan of a has-been star, watching him try to win his was back into the spotlight after years of partying and drug abuse.

It may be entertaining, it may be exciting, it may inspire you to root for that man, but in the end, regardless of outcome, there will be a slight sense of disappointment nagging you in the back of your mind. There, I said it. I used to love Fedor, but after being disappointed by his decisions in recent times, I'm finding it hard to support him.

Anyway, regarding Silva vs. Irvin, my first thought is basically "Silva in round 2 via Murder/Obliteration/Destruction," but if I left this post on that note, I'm sure I'd get some very angry emails from people who expected more from me.

Let's get this straight- Silva has fought at 205 before, so it's not that big of a deal. Also, he's not going to be the LHW champion anytime soon. No, it's not because I don't think he has the skills to do it- he's said it himself. He's letting Lyoto Machida, his teammate, go for that one... as a matter of fact, tonight's fight might be a one-time thing, more or less a favor to Dana White.

Honestly, Irvin doesn't have a great chance. He may be strong, but he's incredibly slow compared to Silva and slightly stupid. Need proof?


I believe he says somewhere in there that he's "going to beat Silva in the clinch." And, I think that in another interview, he says that "I don't think he's real technical in terms of the clinch." Yes, because not letting Rich Franklin escape from a thai clinch for 2 minutes while smashing his face in is real simple, and doesn't require much technique.

I'm kind of betting that in an effort to back up his words, he's going to do the really dumb thing and attempt to clinch up with Silva every chance he gets. The problem is, I'm pretty sure that Silva has great clinch escapes and takedowns to complement his offensive capability from there. Irvin? Probably not.

For Irvin to win this fight, he needs to catch Silva with either a wild shot, or a Brock Lesnar-type of slam-n'-rabbit-punch-to-death kind of finish. But like I said, probably not going to happen.

Now, as much as I hate the Anderson Silva bandwagon (You want to be annoyed too? Lurk around Sherdog or something. "Anderson's BJJ and Muay Thai is UNBEATABLE!"-kind of thing. That particular bandwagon is armed and dangerous.), I can't bring myself to troll my readers and say "Oh, Silva doesn't have that great of a chance, Irvin's going to destroy him." A little too far-fetched when Silva outmatches a guy in every way but size and strength.

So, grab a pizza and a six pack, and sit yer rear ends down to watch the fight(s) tonight!



Erik M said...

fedor and silva to win

fedor uses drugs? that sucks.

Punch Kick Choke said...

lol- I was just comparing him to most athletes that go downhill. I'm not sure if he uses drugs, but I'm not sure what to think about the allegations that he was on steroids while in PRIDE.


Richard said...

you can take your foot out of your mouth now pkc- love the blog but the fedor bashing has got to go- allegations? im going to assume that affliction DIDNT drug screen their contestants since you never mentioned their policy and waited to see if the big dufus from maine had anything left before crying foul

Punch Kick Choke said...

Crying foul? I didn't say anything about Fedor being on steroids now- that would be a little too incredibly stupid of him.

The Fedor bashing came from just the general drama that he's been the center of in recent years, not steroids.

Punch Kick Choke said...

...Also, the only person that I regularly bash for past steroid abuse is Shogun. I only bash Fedor for fighting cans. (Cans compared to himself. <- that one's a backhanded compliment)

Jesus, man- you saw a less-than-positive POV on Fedor and jumped the gun there.

Anonymous said...

I"m sure Fedor is not using steroids, I don"t know why there are some people that don"t want Fedor finish his carrer undefeated.

Punch Kick Choke said...

If he can finish his career undefeated, that would be amazing, but the point is that he's (or his manager) doing a terrible job of covering up the fact that he's trying to do so in a less-than-respectable way. Blame Fedor, Dana, and every promoter out there trying to make some dough off of his name. :/

Also, like I said, I'm sure Fedor's smart enough not to be training on the juice while fighting on American soil. If he was in Japan, whatever, doesn't take too much from his victories anyway.

Anonymous said...