Jul 29, 2008

Steph Gougne - Chasse Bas (Savate Front Kick) to the Knee

I feel that as a blogger writing about MMA techniques, I shouldn't be afraid to introduce moves that haven't really been accepted as a widespread technique.

In this case, it's Savate's Chasse Bas. I'm sure all of you have seen the variation shown by Human Weapon in their slightly homophobe-unfriendly Savate episode, the inverted Chasse Bas, but I feel that the normal version, if properly used, would be a devastating addition to anyone's striking arsenal.

Unfortunately, I can only recommend this kicking technique to those of you who prefer fighting in a high stance, people who have been conditioned by years of Muay Thai or TKD training who still stand up and lean back during sparring sessions.


This move is quite simple-

1) Lean back, putting all of your weight on one leg and bringing the other one up at a 45 degree angle, while keeping tight with your hands

2) Once the leg is cocked, smash it into the front side of the lower thigh, just above the knee, causing severe pain to slow down your opponent considerably


Now, whatever program you heard about the Chasse Bas from, you probably have the misconception that this is a move intended to break the knee. Unfortunately, whoever told you that is a big, stinking liar... unless they specify the Chasse from the side.

SD scenario: You manage to hook the lead leg of your opponent from the outside, and push him back, lowering his center of gravity, reducing his mobility, and exposing the side of his knee. Chasse Bas, normal or inverted, to cause serious injury and possible tearing of the ligaments of the knee.

MMA/Sparring scenario: You're standing and trading with someone, and they have a bit of a speed advantage on you while you're in a high stance. Aim a nice cut kick on the lead leg, and fake another one, except this time, setting up for a Chasse Bas. Regardless of whether it lands or not, pull that leg immediately in a half-circle, preventing any possible grabbing.

Hope you guys liked the slight variation.


Anonymous said...

Everyone I've seen try to use the Chasse Bas since that godawful Human Weapon episode came out, (+kudos for the homophobia statement, lol) has failed miserably- People don't seem to understand that it's not a goddamn lunging kick- YOU STAY IN PLACE.

-Angry French Kickboxer

Erik M said...

the french sure do know how to dress

Punch Kick Choke said...


Chester said...

HapiBlogging to you my friend! Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

Great kick, perfect for those with problems to land shin kicks.

Anonymous said...

Can't see why one should ever bother being homophobe-friendly...
Homophobia sux, like any discrimination (and homophobes suck too, since many of them are actually gays who can't cope with what they are... losers...)