Jul 2, 2008

Striking From Guard Bottom: Elbows - Ninja and Shogun Rua

The famous Rua brothers demonstrate how to open up space on an opponent who is hugging you down to land elbows on his face.



This is another one of those stupid simple "why-didn't-I-think-of-it" kind of moves, but is something that would come in very handy in MMA against a lay-and-pray type of opponent. This is also an excellent example of the shrimping motion being used to create space... another reason to continue drilling it and using it as a grappling warmup.

the Breakdown:

-You're in closed Guard bottom, and your opponent is hugging you low and tight, in an effort to stifle any movement and garner points by stalling/waiting for an opening.

-You open your guard, post on your foot, and shrimp out. Basically, you want to open up the side that your opponent is facing. Aka, he's facing to your right, you want to extend your right side.

-With this new space, keep your non-posted leg tight and start swinging your elbow, aiming for the top of the eyebrow, hoping to open up a cut, and to soften and set hi up for a sweep or submission.

Like I said, stupid simple, but a good trick to have in mind for MMA or a fight.

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