Jul 25, 2008

Underhook Knee Pick Takedown

I was watching the George St. Pierre vs. Matt Hughes fights for absolutely no reason, and I noticed one of the takedowns that GSP used against Hughes looked remarkably effective, so I had to look it up-

And so, without further ado, the Knee-Pick Takedown:


-You clinch up with your opponent, and attain an underhook, deep enough to be able to pull up on the under to pull your opponent toward you while stepping into him

-Since you now have enough leverage for a whizzer-type toss, your opponent will want to get his outside leg around the leg you stepped in with

-As he moves in, you take a quarter-step around, forcing him to move with you. This opens up that rear leg for the knee pick

-Now, pushing up on the underhook diagonally, you pull up on that rear leg behind the knee for a coupling that is enough to drop your opponent

While this move sounds simple, you will have to see the video and practice it many, many times before it becomes even remotely usable. However, I can say that being able to pull this move off will pay off dividends in both grappling and MMA.

Happy practicing :)

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Anonymous said...

No-Gi Uchi-mata feint to twist-back to Knee-pick for me :)