Aug 7, 2008

Arm Drag to Sumi Gaeshi (Sacrifice Throw) (Gi)

Here's something I haven't covered before- A sacrifice throw.
Sacrifice throws are pretty darn hard to set up, and even when you do, the chance of success is highly unlikely. However, here's a set up that is actually reasonable to try on a semi-regular basis- the Sumi Gaeshi from Arm Drag

-Off the bat, there's an important lesson on the Gi-based armdrag: Don't just wildly try to swing your arm around the wrist to break the grip- cross-grab with your other hand first to anchor your opponent's arm while you go for the armdrag so that he does not pull out.

-Armdrag. Duh.

-Swing that arm around and grab your opponent's belt. Continue holding on to the dragged-arm with your far side hand.

-Drive that shoulder down into your opponent's for control and to break his posture.

*IMPORTANT* - You can either just step right in for the Sumi Gaeshi now as kind of a wild toss/Go for a hip toss if he tries to posture up, or you can set it up like he does:

-With the near foot, bring it inside and kick out the near leg of your opponent.

-Shuffle step/Jump in, barring your near shin into the inside of the far leg, and proceed to throw your opponent.


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