Aug 1, 2008

Defending the Guard Pass - Demian Maia - Science of Jiu Jitsu Vol. 1 (BJJ Instructional)

Another great online streaming video find-
Demian Maia - Science of Jiu Jitsu, Volume 1 - Defending the Guard Pass

Heck, I'd suggest clicking the link below and downloading it immediately. The Science of Jiu Jitsu has been one of the best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructional sets I have ever seen. Below is the 45 minute first volume in the set about Defending the Guard Pass.

We'll just cut to the chase here:

Contents of this volume:

1) Straight Line Theory

2) Head Control Theory

3) Single Underhook Pass Defense

4) Double Underhook Pass 1 Defense

5) Double Underhook Pass 2 Defense

6) Double Underhook Pass 3 Defense

7) Half Guard Pass Defense

8) Toreador (Bullfighter) Pass Variation Defense

9) Toreador Pass Defense 1

10) Toreador Pass Defense 2

11) Toreador Pass Defense 3

12) Toreador Pass Defense 4

13) Toreador Pass Defense 5

14) Spinning Defense

He demonstrates each pass, then explains the defense for them- It's really the best video on guard passes and defenses I've encountered, probably. I wish he had a bigger section on half guard passes over the bane of Gi fighters everywhere- the Toreador (...aka the Toreana/Bullfighter) Pass, but regardless of that one fault, I suggest you watch it immediately.


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T said...

Awesome video, and awesome site, man

Found it through your newgrounds link :)