Aug 11, 2008

Demian Maia vs. Jason MacDonald - UFC 87 Video + Recap

I felt like I had to put this fight up, with it having the submission of the night and all (and the fact that I called it correctly).

One of these days, I'm going to watch an MMA fight without taking notes. -_-;;

Demian Maia vs. Jason MacDonald UFC 87: Search and Destroy (What a terrible name)

Round 1

-In true BJJ fashion, look at the guard pull from the clinch. It's not a bad idea at the beginning of the round b/c of the lack of sweat, and the fact that he didn't want to spend any energy fighting for a better clinch position.

-Take note of the control in the half-butterfly by Maia- overhook, leaning towards the butterfly so that the outside leg has more control of posture, as kind of a stacking buffer. Also see how easily he set up the triangle attempt from there- importance of good grip strength training right there.

-Look at both what Maia and MacDonald do in that Triangle situation. Maia couldn't finish because of both arm positioning and the fact that he wasn't in a position to angle his body away, letting MacDonald eventually stack him, walk over him, and take his back.

-Note that if MacDonald did not have those hooks in as deep as he did, he probably would have fallen right off. Near the hips, guys, near the hips.

-Great escape by Maia off the Mount transition to force MacDonald back into a half guard.

-Risky moves by Maia in just sitting up and grabbing the legs, just asking to get sprawled and brawled on, which he does get.

-Impressive half-guard Guillotine by MacDonald- any deeper, and even the most successful Submission wrestlers would have tapped to that. But instead, Maia uses that opportunity to reverse, and get the side mount. Good thing MacDonald didn't hold on, or he might have set himself up for a Von Flue choke or something. Then comes that beautiful transition to the back to counter the half guard shelling. Maia is truly on another level when it comes to jiu jitsu.

-That RNC was SO CLOSE. MacDonald did a great job taking full advantage of those gloves.

Round 2

-MacDonald just get caught with a sloppy left, and does a good job of just running into Maia, stopping any chance of a finish there. Also, good job of keeping posture to prevent eating knees from the shorter Maia. Maia definitely needs a little time to work on his Muay Thai clinch.

-Maia uses the thing feared by people who suck at Judo- the minor outer leg hook, Kosoto Gake, to take MacDonald down, and passes his guard with little to no effort. Very nice Ground and Pound by Maia to make MacDonald pay for a failed hip escape.

-That armbar attempt after MacDonald tried to escape from half guard probably wasn't the best, but props to MacDonald for not rolling over.

Round 3

-Poor Double leg attempt by Maia to start the round, but finishes the single leg. A Guillotine latched on by MacDonald, but there was no way that he was going to finish it.

-In a nice little reversal, MacDonald gets a takedown. Good control by Maia to neutralize the offensive efforts of MacDonald once again.

-While trying to reverse MacDonald, Maia nearly gives up his back. That leads to a series of rolls and reversal attempts, and Maia ends up in Mount. One of the most exciting ground wars all year.

-Elbows open up MacDonald's back, and from there, it's the beginning of the end. Maia gets the hooks in, and pummels MacDonald's face right into a tight Rear Naked choke.

Maia wins, and deserved that Submission of the night. Glad to hear both of them were rewarded for their efforts in cash bonuses :)

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