Aug 5, 2008

Double Ankle Pick to Rolling Guard Pass - Eduardo Telles

He's an simple, sweet, and insanely cool guard pass by Eduardo Telles that starts in the open guard with you on the ground, and your opponent standing over you, trying to pass your guard. This Rolling/Somersault Guard Pass along with the Octopus Guard and the Turtle Guard made Telles a phenom in the BJJ world, so I suggest you watch and try it for yourself.

-Open Guard, you're sitting on your rear end, trying to entice your standing opponent into your guard, and he's prowling around you, looking for an opening

-Instead of waiting, surprise your opponent with a double ankle pick takedown as soon as his feet are squared up by grabbing both of his ankles, pulling them down into the ground, getting up on your knees, and taking him down by driving your shoulders into his lower legs

Since your opponent will most likely regain composure and either pull guard or scramble for the top position as soon as he can, you need to use the forward momentum from taking him down and roll past his legs. Watch the video, but here are important parts:

*Immediately let go of the ankles, post both hands on the mat, bring your head down between his feet, and start the roll

*Your goal is to roll over him, not just to go over his legs; keep your weight on his chest at all times while rolling until you secure side control else risk just ineffectually falling off to the side

*Continuing the previous point, go straight forward so that when the somersault is complete, your legs are off to the side while you're still controlling his center of gravity because your opponent's movements (most likely a surprised attempt at sitting up, or an attempt at stiff-arming your body) will most likely naturally cause you to roll to the side mount, and you don't really need to intentionally roll at an angle, because those movements will cause some trouble if that's the case

-Secure Side Control/Side Mount.

For the MMA practitioners out there, do me a favor and practice this in conjuntion with a low double leg takedown or possibly even just an open guard situation, and tell me if it works for you, and what you had to do to make the rolling pass work in sparring.


Anonymous said...

A sweet pass. The Important Bits you point out are definitly worth keeping in mind as there is a good chance he will probably try and pull guard after you bring him down.

good post!

Bart said...

That is a cool pass - good point Mark on him pulling guard. I agree.