Aug 18, 2008

The Elevator Sweep to Armbar

The Elevator sweep is something shown very early in any BJJ school, not because it's easy to use, but because it shows you how important controlling your opponent's center of gravity. Of course, the armbar flows naturally from that position, as shown here:

The move itself is very simple-

-You have your opponent in Open Guard, controlling his wrists

-You post your feet right on his hips, pull him forward by his arms, and lift him up with your legs. You should be able to control his body from there.

Now for the armbar-
Say I want to attack his right arm:

-I pull down and across on his right arm (Gi or Wrist). This starts off the whole thing, so get a nice hard drag in.

-At the same time, I open up my left leg and start to bring it over, and I push up and away a little bit with my right foot

-The resulting motion will have him drop like a sack of potatoes over to your left, and he will fall right into an armbar.

I am going to be quick to point out that you need to have control of his arms, or you will need to catch a rushing opponent with a little bit of luck with your feet before this move becomes reasonable to pull off- Anyone who knows what they are doing will probably not reach over with both arms while you have your feet posted on their hips.

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