Aug 17, 2008

Finishing the Armbar - Fedor Emelianenko Instructional

Today, our favorite Russian fighter, Fedor, shows us how he finishes the Armbar for both No-Gi and MMA. I put this up, because this short clip embarrassed me and showed me how little I actually think these moves through during sparring, and gave me a "How did I not think of this" kind of moment.

-The basic Armbar finish is something that everyone knows- if your opponent is grabbing his own arm to try to stall out the armbar, just yank the arm you're going to hyperextend towards your opponent's head before straightening out to get the tap.

The thing that got me was his MMA finish:

-When people go for the armbar during MMA, they never think about doing things differently than they do in grappling matches. BJ Penn always reminds people: "Set up your striking with grappling and your grappling with striking," and Fedor shows us a perfect example of that attack philosophy.

I mean, how obvious is that? Punch them in the solar plexus, and then armbar them. It's not like they're going anywhere. That's a great use of "K.I.S.S." That really makes me feel stupid, seriously. My next MMA sparring partner is going to eat a fist in the gut ;)


MMA Fan said...

Great Blog! I really like the photoshop of god in an arm lock...I and many of my friends and co-workers are MMA fans and I will send them your way!

Punch Kick Choke said...

Thank you very much!

As for Fedor armbarring the almighty, the question is, would God tap?

...It's questions like that which keeps my friends from wanting to hang out with me more often. That and the fact that I choke them on a regular basis.


Hope you and your friends like my blog and contribute, and if you guys have any particular questions, don't hesitate to drop me a line. :)

Zack said...

Is there any possibility of hosting that Fedor instructional DVD?

Punch Kick Choke said...

Probably not for a little while. I'll let you guys know if I get it.

Anonymous said...

Thank"s I read that since BJ Penn, Karo and Randy"s MMA book Fedor is going to put his own book for sale.

So after GET IT that everyone will be God AHHAHAHA.

Thank"s I felt like stupid too after saw that small detail.