Aug 20, 2008

George St. Pierre - Jab Counter to Jab (Boxing/MMA 101)

PS- I will be going back to school this Saturday (moving from LA to STL for the next two years) so don't be surprised if posts stop for a little bit- I will put up a big banner on it sometime this week.

The Badass Canadian, George "Rush" St. Pierre, shows us some basic Boxing hand work, namely, how to counter the move most often executed in a stand-up fight between two experienced fighters- the Jab. (You and your opponent are in the same stance)

-You are squared up with your opponent, and he lets a jab fly right down the center of your guard

-With your rear hand, you're going to parry it lightly, aka, pawing it downwards counter-clockwise. No big movements here. If this is a streetfight and your opponent is wearing something long, feel free to grab his wrist fabric and pull him into you at the end of the parry.

-Immediately step in and counter with a jab of your own. The important part is to get a nice tight corkscrew in. Most people who haven't boxed before will throw their jabs by flaring out their elbow. Don't do that, because you will be telegraphing your movements.

-Follow with technique of choice.

GSP on Takedowns:


Erik M said...

sucks, i will be going back to school this coming monday. last year for me.

i hate school

Punch Kick Choke said...

Shouldn't be too long- as soon as my friend and I set i set up the internet at the new apartment, I should be back on track.