Aug 10, 2008

George St. Pierre vs. Jon Fitch - Video + Recap!

Well, looks like I was pretty close in my predictions in terms of the winners, aside from the Gamburyan fight where he got TKO'd in 12 seconds- unlucky for him.

Without further ado- GSP- UFC 87 George St. Pierre vs. Jon Fitch for the Welterweight Title!
If the video doesn't work, drop me a message and I'll try to find another one as soon as possible.

Round 1

-GSP opens with a nicely timed double leg takedown, and Fitch tries to get the butterflies in, but ends up going with closed guard

-Fitch stays active in guard, with multiple failed attempts at setting up armbars and triangles, and fends off most of GSP's attempts at Ground and Pound

-In an attempt to pass the guard, GSP opens up and allows Fitch to push him away to try and stand up, but GSP immediately sprawls out on Fitch and unsuccessfully goes for a choke, but transitions smoothly into a single leg- St. Pierre's wrestling just seems to get better and better

-Another sprawled turtle positions gets to standing- Fitch throws a kick, but GSP lands a HUGE shot, which almost puts Fitch down for the count, and continues to tee off on Fitch while he's dazed and on his back. If Fitch's leg work off his back was any less impressive, he would have been finished on the spot, but he survives

-Every attempt that Fitch tries to get back on his feet, Pierre just stuffs and punches until he makes a mistake and gives Fitch space to get back up... But Fitch almost gets dropped again with a series of punches, but somehow manages to get full guard again after eating a lot of fists to the head, but just ends up eating a lot of Canadian elbows

-GSP passes Fitch's guard to side mount (a first in MMA history), then gets full mount- Fitch actually manages to bump GSP up with a very sweet hip switch- look closely- to regain half guard to ends the first round

Round 2

-Opening trading shots, with a failed takedown attempt by GSP, and a series of good body shots by Fitch, but GSP returns fire with a stiff jab/kick combination, and proceeds to put Fitch on the defensive on the stand-up

-Fitch makes a small comeback in striking, with lots of body shots and a couple of wild punches, but GSP holds him off, and tries a spinning back kick, which I lol'd to

-Fitch continues to swing wildly while GSP lands precision shots to the head and legs. Fitch ends up landing a nice left hook followed by a quick spurt combination, but isn't enough to faze Pierre. We see a series of aggressive, sweet trading to end the round (and GSP almost lands a solid back spinning kick)

Round 3

-HOLY !@#$! shot by GSP to drop Fitch on his back, but Fitch survives the oncoming onslaught by Pierre. Is Fitch Wolverine or something? The guy has the most ridiculous recovery times I've ever seen

-Fitch gives up his back while trying not to get TKO'd, and GSP takes it- Fitch escapes almost immediately after GSP attempts a RNC, and forces GSP to pull guard

-Fitch manages to land a lot of good shots, but Pierre does well in avoiding serious damage

-In an attempt to pass straight through the guard of Pierre, Fitch allows him to grab a hold of his leg and reverse him, another excellent showing of wrestling

-Fitch manages to get back on his feet, and gets a little trading going, ending in Fitch bloodied and eating a series of knees and kicks, almost dropping Fitch AGAIN. Fitch spends the rest of the round surviving, and getting taken down again to end the round- that was EXCITING

Round 4

-Good show of stamina by Fitch to start the round strong after that beating, landing a few good punches and a solid kick, even trying for a takedown. Near nutshot, but the round continues. More spurts of stand up leads to a serious takedown attempt by Fitch, but GSP actually manages to remain standing against the cage, and St. Pierre transitions again to take Fitch down instead

-Fitch actually manages to sweep GSP when he stood up, with a possible but failed transition to a leglock (Not sure if he was trying for one) but the round ends there

Round 5

-A good series of trading to open up the round, (check out the Superman punch straight into a leg kick, and the spinning backfist by GSP) Fitch gets taken down easily. What is it about GSP that allows him to surprise good wrestlers time and time again?

-Good control by Fitch using the half butterfly, and good use of the cage to get Pierre back into guard. GSP is dominant, but doesn't land too many hard shots until the stacking to bomb dropping straight into Fitch's face

-Fitch once again somehow manages to get back up on his feet, but Pierre just takes him down again, and this repeats one more time to end the round


Extremely good showing of heart by Fitch, but superior tactics and athleticism gave GSP the edge. Great fight.


Erik M said...

Nice post.

Overall, great fight card, but I was disappoionted with Herring and Huerta. I don't like Brock and his lay n pray strategy isn't entertaining. He's huge, but I know someone out there will lay the smack down on him.

Huerta is a brawler. K-FLO is a great technical fighter. I wanted Huerta to win, but deep down I knew K flo was coming out on top.

My fav fighter GSP is the man. I look forward to watching him perform again. He will not disappoint.

Punch Kick Choke said...

That honestly probably couldn't really be considered lay and pray by Lesnar- lay and pray = Josh Koscheck.

I was never a big Herring fan to begin with, but he had about a snowball's chance in hell against Lesnar. He was just another option as the sacrificial lamb to feed to Lesnar after that Mir "fiasco." It really makes me wonder what would have happened if Coleman remained on the card. Pretty much anyone who isn't talented as heck off their backs, especially in controlling the posture and the arms, is going to have their hands full with Brock, as much as I hate to say it.

No, what Lesnar needs is to figure out how to use his ridiculously oversized arms for submissions- his ability to control opponents is amazing, but he doesn't really work for finishing positions because it's just too risky for him at this point in his MMA training. That and he needs to realize that he's not in the WWE anymore and should probably think twice about laughing at his opponent afterwards.

As for Kenflo/Huerta, Florian looked like he was packing heat-seekers in those gloves. It's rare to see that much accurate punching in MMA. Good fight.

OnlineMoney said...
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