Aug 16, 2008

Hail Mary Triangle From Omoplata Roll

This would definitely be considered a high-level tactic, and something that requires less of a setup than it does explosiveness and luck. This would probably work best when training it with a Gi, but once the leg and hip motion become natural, this will work for No-Gi. I can't say for sure since I rarely ever get caught with omoplatas during sparring, but I'd bet that in terms of taking advantage of natural reactions, this move works very well, as most people, when having their omoplata attempt countered, they will generally drive headfirst towards you to immediately secure top position and try to pass.

-You get omoplata'd, and you know by now that you should probably start rolling immediately or suffer a loss/torn shoulder ligaments. However, you want to roll right into an attack rather than finish the roll and pull guard.

-You start the roll with the outside leg, legs splayed, with this move already in mind. You're going to have to switch your hips, so I suggest not thinking about doing this triangle mid-roll.

-Instead of going through with the roll, you're just going to use that motion to drop that leg over your opponent's head and on his shoulder.

-Your opponent is going to create a pivoting point for you by putting his weight on your other leg while starting to sit up and move towards you. Use this moment to reach over to the back of his near-side tricep with both arms, pull it, switch your hips and get the triangle.

-Finish as usual. If you can't finish with the triangle for some reason, the armbar is your friend.


Anonymous said...

Hello there

I would like to know whether is there any chances to post a link for fedor's instructional dvd. thanks

Punch Kick Choke said...

Sure, why the heck not- I'll get around to excerpts from Fedor's dvd sometime.

Erik M said...

goos post. that looks like a wicked technique

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