Aug 21, 2008

*Martial Arts Break* More Life Lessons You Already Know

After taking a year off school, having done and seen a lot of stuff during that time, I've relearned some of the most overused little tidbits of wisdom I've ever heard on a new, more personal level. The four big ones:

-The Little Details Matter.

The timing separates a great steak from a mediocre one.
An input sanitizing script separates an injection vulnerable site from a secure page.
The angling of the feet separate a successful sweep from getting your guard passed.
The tone of a voice separates a best friend from a good friend.

By taking the time to not skimp on the small stuff, you'll find yourself rewarded in every facet of your life.

-Don't Trust Anyone Without Having A Reason To.

You're already going to get your heart broken regardless, don't open yourself up to having more of those experiences.

Will the story you tell your friend as a secret because you needed to get something off your chest stay a secret? What is keeping him from telling that story to another friend? Do you blame him?

He might be really uninteresting and dull but needing attention- you just fed him something juicy to tell his friend behind your back. That's your own damn fault.

-All The Fakers And Pretenders Are Just Coping With The World.

Don't harp on someone for being "fake."

Not everyone deals with a certain type of social situation naturally. Hell, you're pretty likely to be guilty of it yourself, it's just that you're not aware of it.

Be the asshole that makes fun of someone for this reason, and you're likely to find yourself losing a lot of friends in the future.

-Don't Take Yourself Too Seriously.

Else you might end up writing some stupid shit online in a blog... oh. *facepalm*

You might not think that any of these things have anything to do with your martial arts training, but they really do. :)

As a reminder, I will take a short leave of absence starting on the 23rd, and will be back to normal posting after setting up my new apartment and internet in St. Louis



Responsible Blogging at its Finest (Gnarfard) said...

The part about fake personalities is completely dead on!

My philosophy is that people already have enough of a crappy time in their life as it is, so why should I be foolish enough to make their lives even worse by calling them fake.

Spot on, bro!

Don. said...

Hi there. I enjoy reading through you blog here and your "life lessons". Good stuff. Keep up the good work!

Best regards,
--- Don.