Aug 14, 2008

Pretzel Crunch Submission - No-Gi Side Mount (Kesa Gatame/Scarf Hold)

Here's a pretty novel way to submit somebody from a Scarf Hold- the Pretzel Crunch. I would probably avoid using this move outside of a light rolling session or against someone who knows what they are doing, mostly because this would be next to impossible to lock down against someone who can sense that you're going for something when you suddenly turn around after securing a knee-grip hold, and considering all of your other options, doing this from a proper Scarf Hold probably shouldn't be very high on the list of things you want to try.

However, something like the Pretzel Crunch suddenly becomes useful when you've managed to secure an unstable Kesa Gatame like shown here, where instead of being able to get your far arm under the shoulder of your opponent to get a safe pin, you only manage to get your arm around the neck. Not a bad position per say, but not something you'll be able to hold on to for long against some who is used to being held down.

-You attain a Scarf Hold, but you couldn't get your far arm under the far shoulder of your opponent.

-Immediately get that arm around the neck, getting a good bite, and spreading out your legs a little further apart, widening your base. Keep your head tight to prevent getting pushed out by your opponent's forearm.

-In one motion, crank his neck up, and bring your near leg up to your opponent's head. Secure a tight grip behind your knee.

-The hard part- turn around and reach around your opponent's near leg with your far arm. Immediately bring that side's leg up to that hand and secure the same grip. (I suggest starting to move that hand back towards that leg as you secure the first grip, so that you catch your opponent by surprise when you turn away to secure this submission.)

-Cross your ankles together, and extend your legs while bringing your arms together for the submission. I'd like to call this a spine lock (think twister) but someone said that it might be more of a neck crank. Oh well :/

If you can get this down reliably, kudos to you. For obvious reasons, I would also advice against using this when you're sweaty or when you're wearing gloves. Sweat + Gloves = Killer of Low Percantage, Weak Grips as you all know.



Anonymous said...

You've got your terminology wrong. Clearly this isn't a 'pretzel neck crank,' but a 'Bas Rutten Neck Crank.' Here -- video proof.


Punch Kick Choke said...

lol- I love Bas, and to be honest, that video is much better- kinda wish I found that one instead.

The guy is an encyclopedia of submissions, but I wish that he was actually good with them. If he could pull off 1/2 the stuff that he knows and teaches, he would be a world-class grappler. :/

Anonymous said...

I agree- I don't really think that Bas's ability in submissions nearly matches the knowledge he has on them.

That being said, I heard he is a great teacher.