Aug 4, 2008

Renzo Gracie No-Gi Guard Pass

This Guard Pass shown by Renzo Gracie at a No-Gi seminar is nice because it shows something subtle you can do to make your guard pass more likely to work. The audio is pretty terrible, so if you're not so great at picking up a move just by watching it, you might want to read my notes below carefully-

-Let's say you want to pass the guard to the right

-Post the left hand on the hips, near the center, and since you don't have the Gi for control, lean your right shoulder forward while pushing down on his chest with your right hand. If you don't lean the right shoulder in, it's fairly easy to break your posture and prevent anything from happening

-With that subtle little improvement in keeping your opponent flat, you bring up your right knee, stack up, and half-step around with your left leg while maintaining the control of the body to negate your opponent's ability to control your body, and to create space to wedge the elbow in to open the guard

-And from there, it should be a walk in the park- continue the guard pass to land in side mount.

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