Aug 6, 2008

Robson Moura vs Armando Conde 1997 Mundials

Sorry guys, but no time for a proper post today :(

But here is something I was watching late last night at 3 in the morning-

A quick fight between Robson Moura, who is currently a 8x BJJ champ (someone fact check that for me while I'm away today) and Armando Conde back in the 97' Mundials.

I have to say, watching stuff like this give me a new found appreciation for Gi work- I believe that he has a DVD out- I may have to give it a view and make a post or two on his techniques. If I remember correctly, his use of the Gi in transitions is just a work of art. One of the first Gi-specific techniques I was taught involved wrapping the bottom of the Kimono around my opponent's wrist as he was trying to pin me on my back then yanking it off while twisting the now-trapped arm into a make-shift wristlock, something that I was told Moura was very good at. If I can find that, I will definitely have to make a post about that.

That being said, watch the video and check out the side mount control by Moura to get to the armbar.

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