Aug 13, 2008

Tai Otoshi - Mike Swain

*Edit- fixed video*

Well, I will say that I have found my new favorite Gi-dependent throw- the Tai Otoshi just overtook the Osoto Gari as my high-percentage go-to move with a Gi, mostly because it's very forgiving with the footwork, and it's great to catch people off guard with. And to explain it to you, Judo legend Mike Swain demonstrates it for you below. (Yes, he's the one behind Swain Mats for those of you that don't pay much attention to Judo)

Very simple throw, and very effective:

-Clinched up with your opponent, one hand on the collar, one hand on the elbow. You will be twisting towards the elbow side.

-Your opponent is stepping towards you, but you're stepping back with him to maintain distance, and you decide to Tai Otoshi his rear end onto the floor. Keep your grip tight but your wrists loose.

-The most important step is this one: Jerk him up with your hands, and immediately twist around, pulling him into you as you're turning, and switch step 180 with your feet in the same direction at the same time.

-Post your feet wide while leaning away, making sure that you're barring your leg against his as you bring him around. With all these things put together, it should result in a proper Tai Otoshi. Like I said, this particular throw is very lax in regard to required precision, but you need to make up for it with explosive movements.

-If you feel that you need to really commit to the throw, lean as far away and as low as your can while maintaining your grip while you twist, (pivot your outside leg outwards while bending it) resulting in much more torque on your opponent's body. (Picture Above)

-Maintain control of his arm, and think about whether or not you want to armbar him.


Dave said...

video = uchi mata not tai otoshi

Punch Kick Choke said...

Fixed- thanks for the catch.

I wrote this without getting the embed code first, so when searching for it later, I picked the wrong Mike Swain video -_-

Sorry about that.

Erik M said...

by any chance, can you recommend any judo DVD series? i'm looking to dive further into judo -- it looks interesting

Punch Kick Choke said...

For Gi work, I'd say the Mike Swain series ranks pretty high up there, and would be my recommendation. But if you're feeling cheap, and don't mind doing a little reading, and youtube are your friends.

For No-Gi, any video by Karo Parisyan or Shinya Aoki is pretty good.

Anonymous said...

I wrote here that my favs were Tai Otoshi and O Soto Gari, thank"s for put this.

Actually I have Mike Swain"s DVD and I haven"t see it because I was training more BJJ than Judo.