Aug 8, 2008

UFC 87: Search and Destroy (GSP vs. Jon Fitch) Predictions!

So guys, UFC 87 is tomorrow! Comment below on who you're betting on, but here are my choices:

Georges St-Pierre Vs. Jon Fitch
GSP via TKO unless Fitch out wrestles him and gets Pierre on his back. GSP has the edge, but Fitch has a great chance to take the Welterweight title tomorrow.

Brock Lesnar Vs. Heath Herring
Lesnar via Slam and Rabbit Punches of Death to get his first win in the UFC against Herring's deteriorating ground game.

Kenny Florian Vs. Roger Huerta
Florian by Sub/Decision

Manny Gamburyan Vs. Rob Emerson
Gamburyan by TKO/Sub

Jason MacDonald Vs. Demian Maia
Maia via Sub, although MacDonald has better skills overall MMA-wise... slightly.
Unfortunately, MacDonald gets beat in the ground game, and standing up isn't that much better of an option for him.

Cheick Kongo Vs. Dan Evensen
Kongo by Uneventful Decision

Ben Saunders Vs. Ryan Thomas
Saunders by TKO, possible candidate for fight of the night, IMHO, right after GSP/Fitch.

Comment below.

(BTW, you can watch the Olympic Judo matches LIVE here:

1 comment:

Erik M said...

GSP, Huerta, a perfect world. Not so sure if it will turn out that way.