Sep 22, 2008

Defending the Single Underhook Guard Pass - Elbow Push

If there's one guard pass that always gets me, it's the Single Under Pass- it's stupid simple, and it's very hard to defend against when your opponent is very good at it.

As he states in the video, there are dozens of common drills in BJJ that have to do with getting passed in such a manner, but sometimes there is an easier way.

Of course, this counter works much better when you're not wearing a Gi, because it requires you taking advantage of that weak moment in your opponent's pass where he is fully committing and reaching across you to anchor himself and complete the pass.

-Opponent goes for Single Under Guard Pass and starts to lean into you and reaches across.

-You react and find the elbow.

-Push hard against the elbow while twisting your hips out to the side, kicking your legs out, and sitting up.

-Scramble for position.


HotMMA said...

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Anonymous said...

This is my new fav website now man your sooo cool for putting this up i'm gonna be kicking all the big guys asses being able to learn this at home THANK YOU....